Woocommerce Update Product Variations on Cart Page

Going through the overall buying process just to update a single feature of the product can be a tedious process for your customers. In fact, a sluggish shopping experience can be one of the many reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

Imagine, your customer selects a shirt, chooses a size and fit followed by colour and pattern and proceeds to the cart page to complete the buying process. But unfortunately, for some reason, he is not satisfied with the colour or pattern of the product.

To update the colour or pattern, the buyer will have to clear the cart and go through the product’s page which is again a long process for a time-strapped customer. Here, you could possibly lose the customer and hence a sale.

But there is a plugin to avoid this process and win the sale.

The Solution – Woo Update Variations In Cart Plugin

Codingkart has developed a plugin to overcome this problem and speed up the buying process.

Woo Update Variations In Cart plugin updates product attributes (colour, size, weight, type, etc) right on the cart page to avoid going through the product’s page and repeating the buying process.

This powerful AJAX plugin is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store. It works with multiple products and subscription products (changing subscription plans). You can try the live demo here:


Adding the Woo Update Variations in Cart plugin can enhance your customer’s shopping experience. This plugin is backed and supported by us. We also develop bespoke plugins to enhance your store’s functionality.

What’s your experience with the plugin? What other functionalities you would like to incorporate for your store? Please mention in the comments below.