Customising Woocommerce Subscriptions Plugin


Subscription-based selling is a business model where a customer pays multiple payments over fixed time intervals for prolonged access to goods or services. It’s a great way of generating residual income with recurring payments.

It can help you retain your customer base and maximize the lifetime value of customers. With the subscribed customers, you know how much to stock the inventory for the coming month. This system can also help you project your next month revenue.

But, how do you enable these features on your ecommerce store? This is where WooCommerce Subscriptions comes in.

WooCommerce Subscriptions – Default features and where it falls short!

WooCommerce Subscription offers standard features like setting up weekly, monthly or annual subscription for specific products, offer free trials and collect sign-up fees, multiple billing schedules, synchronized payments, automatic rebilling etc.

But, is it perfect for your subscription business?

WooCommerce Subscriptions is indeed a great extension but one size doesn’t fit all. Despite its myriad features, every business has its own requirements. You need features that take your business to the next levels. Here are the features we think that WooCommerce Subscription lacks.

As we said earlier WooCommerce Subscriptions is a great extension but the default features won’t suffice to the needs of your online store. To serve the ever demanding customer base you will need to look for different options. Please mention what other features you would love to see for WooCommerce Subscriptions and you can always approach us for the aforesaid features.

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