WooCommerce Customizations You Need to Consider for Your Store


WooCommerce alone with millions of download now powers over 28% of online stores. And that implies a lot of ecommerce stores competing online to attract buyers. To create an ecommerce store that stands out from the competition and generate sales requires strategy, creativity and hard work.

The best part of WooCommerce is that it’s incredibly customizable just like its main platform WordPress. We can leverage this attribute of WooCommerce to customize default features and pages to increase conversion rates.

You may wonder what you should customize and how to do it without disturbing the performance of the site. We have concluded here few customizations to enhance your store’s functionality and ease the buying process which in turn can boost your sales.

Key page customizations on WooCommerce

There‚Äôs always a great opportunity to customize your WooCommerce store to achieve higher conversion rates. Whether it is to display products in a unique way on the products page, adding user inputs or special requests to the cart, we’ve got you covered. Here are the customizations you should consider for your store.

Products page customization

  1. Offer your customers to add custom data on the product page while they are adding the item to the cart
  2. Let customer calculate the shipping charges on product page itself
  3. Dynamic pricing calculations

Cart customizations

  1. Update the variations on the cart page
  2. Showing custom input data along with product
  3. Shipping customisations as per the cart rules including extra charges if any.
  4. Additional cart fee

Checkout page customization

  1. Adjust the positions of billing and shipping fields
  2. Shipping calculations and customisations
  3. Payment gateway customisations
  4. Customs payment gateway
  5. Convert to multistep checkout

My account page customisations

  1. Offer your customer a custom dashboard where they can easily manage the orders, subscriptions and account details.
  2. Customised listing of subscriptions and orders
  3. Custom end points of Woocommerce


Customizing your WooCommerce store under a tested and planned strategy can reveal great results over time. But, customizing the store without hindering performance & avoiding bugs can be a daunting process. Of course, it always helps to be working with an experienced developer, who is there to get the work done & comes up with great ideas for your store.

Are there any other customizations you would like us to mention? What customizations are you planning for your store? Let us know!

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